Victorian Deer - Sydney


Why "Victorian"? Good question. Just reminded me of that era of history. Although the back heights vary, the average is 12". Can be utilized around the house in many formats, year round, as holiday decoration or dressing up the fireplace hearth. Simple to make, certainly the easiest patterns I have ever produced.

Bandsaw is the only woodworking "machine" required, after cutting the patterns out just portable tools are needed. Edges are rounded with router, boring for dowel pins -- a handheld drill. After sanding, bring on the glue and clamps!!! Natural wood or stained... either way looks great, but my favorites were made of poplar, painted white, and adorned with beautiful blue snowflake decals for the Christmas holiday.

Note: plans include option to make Sydney a buck or a doe.


  • 19" long
  • 12" tall (to top of back)
  • 20 1/2" tall (to top of antlers)

      Product Contains

      • (1) plan sheet (22x34") with:
        • large color reference photo
        • 15 in-process color photos
        • full-scale tracing patterns
        • detailed instructions with helpful tips

      Project Hours EstimateA (4-8 hours)

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      • A = 4-8 hours
      • B = 8-40 hours
      • C = 40+ hours