Frequently Asked Questions

Product Related

  • I was looking at your 12-deer collection. On average, how long does it take to build one of those deer?

    Wow, that’s a difficult question to answer. It’s like asking me, “How many calories in a meal? The answer of course is, “It all depends.” Such variables as your skill level, experience doing woodcraft projects, the tools you are using, and glue drying time, can have a big impact on the range of time. But, if you set your mind to it, you could easily build one of the deer over the weekend. 

  • It might be better for me to assemble a deer than build it from scratch. Do you sell kits with all the wood pieces and accessories?

    Years ago, we provided kits as a courtesy to our customers and then discovered a need existed in some remote parts of the country or within a person’s shop. Currently, we aren’t offering the kits because of the unpredictable cost of lumber and high shipping costs. It is something we will be considering in the next phase of our product line. When and if that happens, we will be sure to let you know.

  • Can you share any upcoming woodworking plans that are in queue?

    Yes. In fact, we will be introducing plans in three areas: 

    1. New, “magical” designs, like a Rosie the Unicorn
    2. We are also in the process of upgrading the popular legacy plans. There will be 1-2 plans added to the store in the coming months. 
    3. We will be adding more designs to the intarsia product line.

    If you would like to be notified when these plans are introduced, you can add your email address to our newsletter at the bottom of any page or click here to subscribe.

  • Some of the pictures show animals with a variety of accessories (e.g., macrame “hair” for tails and manes, rawhide, lace, colored elastic, bells, etc.) Do the accessories come with the plans? If not, can I buy them from you?

    The answer is no and no. The accessories don’t come with the plans, and we aren’t currently stocking them. Why? With ever-increasing shipping costs, it wasn’t cost effective to maintain the inventory. Besides, you can get a greater variety of those items at your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, or Walmart…and at a much cheaper price. 

  • You said in your About Us statement, that you have over 100 plans, yet I only see about 30-35 on your website. Do you plan to offer some of your old legacy plans like Clyde and Dale, Beezer the Burro, Kuster, etc.?

    Yes, many of your favorite legacy plans are currently being revamped. They will be added to the product line over the coming months. 

  • I’d like to be notified when new plans are introduced. How can I get on the “new product” list?

    If you would like to be notified when these plans are introduced, you can add your email address to our newsletter at the bottom of any page or click here to subscribe.

Business Related

  • How long have you been in business?

    Wooden Memories started in 1983, so the business name has been around for 39 years (as of our re-opening in 2022). Because of an auto accident and other mitigating circumstances, we were forced to take an extended hiatus, but now we are fully operational.

  • I have seen some plans with Wooden Memories and some with Wooden Cross. What is the relationship between those names?

    Very good question. Wooden Memories LLC is the legal company name and Wooden Cross is a DBA brand name. All plans were created by the same designer, but the sales and marketing channels are slightly different. 

  • I see Wooden Memories™ plans being sold on numerous websites. What’s the difference between those plans and the ones you are selling?

    The Wooden Memories plans seen on those sites are the old plans, which are still being marketed and sold through distributors. The legacy plans, that will soon be added to this site, are the new, upgraded versions. There is a distinct difference between the two of them.

  • Where are your offices located?

    The primary business office is located in Colorado Springs, CO.

  • What makes your company better than your competitors?

    Great question! We believe that Wooden Memories is better than other competitors for the following reasons:

    1. Longevity – Wooden Memories has been producing full-scale woodworking plans for 40 years. We have created full-scale plans that have received accolades and awards around the world. Most importantly, his designs have become cherished heirlooms to children and grandchildren everywhere.
    2. Fun, comical, and whimsical designs – Wooden Memories began with small toys and then advanced to products that were reminiscent of growing up on a farm. From there we branched off into fanciful designs that included lovable animals and gnomes and plans for home décor. 
    3. Robust product designs – There is nothing cheap looking about any of our end products. Our designs are well constructed, which means they will be handed down for years to come. 
    4. Simple-as-possible design packages – Our full-scale plans include step-by-step instructions, in-process photos, and precise parts drawings. Many testimonials attest to the easy construction process. Even the most inexperienced DIY woodcrafters can become overnight “heroes” to their spouses and children. 
  • Is anything made in China?

    No, nothing is made in China. We are an All-American, veteran owned and family operated business. 

Policies Related

  • Do you have a return policy?

    Yes, you can view all the details on our Return Policy page.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes! In addition to the United States we also ship to many other domestic and international countries. When you go to checkout click the drop-down menu for Country/Region to see if your country is available.

  • Where can I go if I have a customer support question or issue?

    If you have a question that isn't answered here in the FAQ you can use our Live Chat option in the bottom right hand of every page or email us at