The Three Pigs


To make the process of true intarsia easier we use scrap wood, the cutting and shaping technique of intarsia and then paint 'em. Kids love the bright colors and it adds to the whimsical look we want. The parts are 3/4” thick wood.

The pattern is traced on wood and parts cut out on a bandsaw or scroll saw leaving what looks like a puzzle. Pick up a part and round or shape it on a sander (the plan set guides you along), this begins to give you that 3D look. Before gluing the parts to the plywood backing, the parts are painted and we include a guide for that too. After gluing to the plywood, you paint the edges and wha-laa, it's finished!

Perfect for display in a nursery, bedroom, childcare center, pediatrician's office or children's ward. Customers have sent us pictures showing display in those very instances.

Set includes all three pigs, three houses and a wolf.


  • 15" high (wolf)
  • 12" high (brick house)

Product Contains:

  • (1) cover sheet (8½" x 11") with large color reference photo
  • (1) detailed instruction pamphlet
  • (2) plan sheets (23" x 35") with:
    • full-scale tracing patterns
    • 5 in-process photos
    • helpful tips

Project Hours Estimate: B (8-40 hours)

All of our projects are designed to be easy to follow for any skill level. We provide project hour estimates based on the tools, equipment and experience of an intermediate woodworker. A beginner may take longer and an experienced woodworker may take less time, but any skill level can accomplish any project. Your results may vary.

  • A = 4-8 hours
  • B = 8-40 hours
  • C = 40+ hours